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Studies have shown that there are over 630,000 homeless people in America and over 67,000 of them are veterans. Contributing factors related to homeless veterans include:


  • Long periods of unemployment

  • Foreclosure

  • Mental illness


WHAYS is a program that has been initiated to combat this problem by finding affordable housing for our veterans.

Currently, WHAYS owns a property that has a total of fifteen (15) housing units. However, eleven (11) of those units are in dire need of rehabilitation. Our goal is to collect revenue and recruit volunteers to ensure these units are suitable for living in by October 31. 2018.

The WHAYS property is located in Radcliff, KY. It is within 10 minutes of Fort Knox, KY, shopping, churches, and public parks. With the assistance of hardworking Americans and our faith in God, we are confident that we will meet the goals we have established for WHAYS. The WHAYS team would like to thank you in advance for your help!