WHAYS is a new way to approach an old problem.  We have set out to create a Not for Profit organization that not only exists on donations but on the sweat of our own brow.  Dedicated to providing an atmosphere of purpose and self expression to our veterans who work with us.


We employ veterans to produce products and services that are first quality and worthy of the price paid and in doing so cover our operating expenses with an ultimate goal of 95% of all donations going directly to veterans.

During this start up phase we are looking to partner with other companies that have the same values.  That would be willing to be part of our network and donate a portion of their earnings to help facilitate veterans causes individually and communally.

We have found that it is far easier to promise than it is to put your money and your time where your heart is.  We can promise you this;


“They stood watch so we could live, we will stand watch to make sure they can live with dignity and feel a sense of gratitude!”  Will you join us? 

Will you donate money, time, and prayer to helping 1 soldier return home physically and emotionally?