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Our goal is to enhance the lives of our veterans by providing assistance, training, and jobs.  We have the opportunity to work with amazing volunteers who believe in the mission and vision of WHAYS. If you believe in the responsibility to give back to our veterans and want to get involved, then please join the team. 


We will purchase properties that need repair, rehabilitate them, then work in conjunction with other entities to seek out our countries forgotten men and women and give them a hand up to a solid foundation from which to begin rebuilding their lives.  Each pod of units will be self-contained and will be maintained by veterans that are living in the “community” and will be compensated by the community for their work, thus, providing paying jobs.  Monthly rent payments for the community will be made by the VA or other sources and will be paid directly to the pod and be managed by an overseer who is from the greater veteran community within the particular state. 

Our 3 to 5 year plan is to build pods from the ground up and in the center place a “clubhouse”, in this clubhouse we hope to facilitate VA doctors, counselors, and assorted speakers that are specific to the needs of our men and women within that pod.  It will add a level of community that is lost upon leaving the active services.  streamlining to our VA health services and assist many of our deserving veterans the healthcare they so need and have earned in service to our nation!


Even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.

Matthew 20:28